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Innovation is endless, brand is brilliant--Pingxiang Huashun Environmental Protection Chemical Packing Co., Ltd.

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In 2015, the filter material product "Huashun HUASHUN and Figure" of Pingxiang Huashun Environmental Protection Chemical Packing Co., Ltd. was recognized as a well-known trademark in China. Another remarkable achievement in the brand-strengthening strategy work.
The ceramic industry is one of the pillar industries of Pingxiang City. Chemical fillers are widely used in petrochemical, fertilizer, steel, smelting, air separation, oxygen production, environmental protection, water treatment and many other fields. Huashun Company was registered and established in 2003. The company team headed by Chairman and General Manager Duan Shirong relies on years of experience and management ability accumulation, and firmly adheres to the principle of "customer first, reputation first", "management seeks efficiency, quality seeks survival, innovation Seeking development" is the corporate tenet, starting from the details, taking science and technology as the leading factor, creating brand products with loyalty, and gradually embarking on the development path of becoming bigger, stronger, better and better.
Huashun Company is located in the Industrial Park of the West Zone of the Development Zone. The environment is elegant, the birds and flowers are fragrant, and the corporate culture is rich and colorful. It can be called a garden-like factory. Although the area is not very large, the layout is reasonable, space utilization is high, management is in place, well-organized, and production is tight and orderly. In recent years, under the scientific leadership of the management team, the company has invested a lot of money to improve the management system, comprehensively improve the automation of production processes, reduce labor intensity, increase productivity efficiency, and use scientific means to save energy, reduce consumption, improve the environment, and improve product quality. Effect. Under the increasingly fierce competition in the international and domestic markets, the company firmly grasps the strategic goal of creating its own brand in order to win the market, expand the market, and consolidate the market. The Chemical Research Institute, Shanghai Kunxin Technology, and Pingxiang University have established long-term cooperation in product research and development, technical research, talent training, and achievement transformation. Make full use of innovative platforms and scientific and technological research and development achievements, absorb advanced technologies at home and abroad, in the development process of many scientific research projects, optimize production equipment and traditional production processes for new product development, and successfully develop new technology and single process for the production of chemical raw material carriers. Furnace thermal cycle method to produce high specific surface active alumina preparation technology, "SL jet ring", "spherical groove packing", "lantern ring", "double S ring" and many other new products, as well as molecular sieve, catalyst product technology A major breakthrough has been achieved, and a series of achievements have won national invention patents. Among them, the technical indicators of high-specific surface activated alumina series products have exceeded the national standards and reached the international advanced technology level. At present, this product has won the title and award of provincial and ministerial-level national science and technology new products, and has been among the ranks of national high-tech enterprises for many years. "Hua Shun" brand packing products have established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many customers at home and abroad. The use of the products is widely praised by users, and has been fully affirmed and recognized, which has brought good economic benefits and sustainable development to the company. economic outlook.




The process of starting a private enterprise is arduous. It relies on full dedication, hands-on work, rolling and climbing, showing your skills in a crisis, tasting sweetness in the wind and rain, and relying on real effort to get to today and become the backbone of the Chinese economy. Huashun Company makes full efforts in brand, integrity, quality and innovation to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Huashun's reputation, brand and innovation are not the result of hard work and sweat accumulation by Huashun people day and night, every detail, step by step, and it is the crystallization of wisdom. The strength of the team is the trust and recognition of customers. Since its establishment, Huashun Company has treated employees and customers well, actively gave back to the society, kept its promises in the crisis, and won the trust and respect of the society and every customer for Huashun. To promote the development of the company; Huashun Company strengthens enterprise management, adopts advanced technology and technology to produce high-quality products, and builds well-known trademarks. The company has a complete quality inspection system and testing equipment. Production, operation, sales and service go hand in hand, and high-quality products keep improving to ensure that users are satisfied with the use of products, escort products with loyalty, and high-quality products for the company. Huashun's brilliance has been created; the company relies on science and technology, leads the industry's technological innovation, innovates production, operation and management, comprehensively promotes industrial upgrading and technological transformation, is rigorous and realistic, has the courage to explore, and promotes enterprise transformation, quality and efficiency improvement, and product appreciation has increased year by year. , to achieve sustainable development and efficiency improvement, and innovation has created Huashun's take-off again and again.
Innovation is endless, and the brand is brilliant. Today's achievements show the hard work spirit and scientific and innovative attitude of Huashun people. Pioneering and enterprising, honesty-oriented, and making the well-known trademark of "Hua Shun" remain brilliant forever is the company forever. Goal forward. As a well-known brand in the filler industry, we believe that Huashun will continue to contribute to the transformation and upgrading of Pingxiang's traditional industries, and add luster to the Pingxiang brand economy!