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On June 20, 2022, the Municipal Industrial Ceramics Chamber of Commerce held a lecture on the economic situation in Pingxiang Huashun Environmental Protection Chemical Packing Company

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In order to help member companies better judge the economic situation, improve the market's resilience, and promote the high-quality development of the industrial ceramics industry, on the afternoon of June 20, the Municipal Industrial Ceramics Chamber of Commerce invited Professor Hu Lijian to visit Pingxiang Huashun Environmental Protection Chemical Packing Co., Ltd. (below "Hua Shun Company" for short) held a lecture on the economic situation in the multi-functional conference room. Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Luo Xingfa, Secretary Li Yongzhong, Executive Vice Chairman Qiu Bo, Secretary General Zhou Jian, Vice Chairman Zhu Liquan, Huang Naiqiao, Li Shaoming, Duan Wenhui, Zhu Jianliang, Ouyang Shitao, Hu Pinghua, Yin Hongchao and other Chamber of Commerce leaders and representatives of member companies 100 Many people listened to expert opinions on the spot and shared a feast of knowledge. Secretary-General Zhou Jian presided over the lecture.


 Professor Hu Lijian is a native of Pingxiang, a master of business administration, and a senior economist. He has held leadership positions in Pingkuang Group, Provincial Coal Group, and Provincial Energy Group, and has been the party secretary and chairman of Zhongding International Construction Group for a long time. He is currently the vice chairman of the China-Africa Civil Chamber of Commerce, the honorary chairman of the Ganping Chamber of Commerce, the honorary director of the Pingxiang Brand Research Center, and the chairman and president of Hanchen Industrial Holdings Co., Ltd. He was once an outstanding entrepreneur in Jiangxi Province, one of the top ten economic figures, and an outstanding figure in China's 2018 International Engineering. He is a visiting professor of many domestic colleges and universities, an excellent tutor of national innovation and entrepreneurship, and a member of the "18th National Congress" propaganda group of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee. Professor Hu Lijian has a broad international business vision and sincere feelings for the mulberry, and has unique thoughts on the local traditional industries in Pingxiang.


Professor Hu Lijian combined the illustrated PPT courseware to elaborate from four aspects:

1. The current domestic and foreign economic situation. It is mainly reflected in four aspects: the ongoing global crisis, the very complex world economic situation, the very severe Chinese economic situation, and the current major social problems in China.

2. To ensure stability and seek progress while maintaining stability (internal circulation). my country's main measures are: "six stability" (stabilizing employment, stabilizing finance, stabilizing foreign trade, stabilizing foreign investment, stabilizing investment, and stabilizing expectations), "six guarantees" (guaranteeing residents' employment, ensuring basic people's livelihood, maintaining market entities, and ensuring food and energy). Safety, ensuring the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and ensuring the operation of the grassroots) and China's idea of ​​making progress while maintaining stability. Seeking progress while maintaining stability is: boosting the confidence of private enterprises, improving the reform of state-owned enterprises, promoting the reform of the financial system, finding new economic growth points, and responding to the third wave of globalization.

3. The “Belt and Road” initiative (outer circulation). It focuses on the origin, formation, benefits to countries along the route, and benefits to China, as well as the theoretical basis of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Fourth, what should we do at this stage? He said that at the national level, it is necessary to overcome the five traps in development and the recent 10,000-person meeting. At the enterprise level, enterprises should be based on their own positions and professions, and should not blindly expand and seek quick success. They should strengthen management and control risks and adapt to changes. The development of enterprises should adapt to the situation, integrate resources, and continue to learn new business models. For individual entrepreneurs, it is necessary to re-understand, lower expectations, accept reality, and adapt to changes. It is necessary to lock the bottom line, control the key points, grasp the aspects, and seize the opportunity. In the end, he said: "Four Grids" achieve life, that is: the layout must be large, the style must be high, the grid must be deep, and the fighting must be fierce.

In the 3-hour lecture, Professor Hu combined with the characteristics of the industrial ceramics industry in Pingxiang City, and put forward his own insights and thoughts on the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the overall optimization and improvement of the entire industry.


In the end, Secretary-General Zhou Jian made a brief summary, saying: "I hope entrepreneurs can further enhance their understanding and understanding of the current domestic and international economic situation from today's lecture, further grasp market information trends and opportunities, and further improve the ability of enterprises to innovate. Understand, further identify the ideas and confidence for the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, forge ahead with determination, and jointly contribute to the rejuvenation of Pingxiang's industrial glory."

Before the lecture, accompanied and explained by Duan Shirong, chairman of Huashun Company, everyone visited and learned Huashun Company's party building culture, honor room, product exhibition hall, testing center and production workshop. He has a strong interest in the new intelligent production line, inquired about the advantages, cost, production capacity and other information of the production line in detail, and expressed his sincere praise.